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 Camp 'Fa' Lala

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PostSubject: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 5:40 pm

Hello! I am writing this, and it's my first writing thread. Please enjoy, and tell me how you like it! NOTE- CAMP IS IN CALIFORNIA, ORIGINAL NAME IS CAMP LALA
MIkayla and her twin brother, Zeke, turn out to go to the same camp. Zeke's excited-He loves to go camping and making new friends- Mikayla is, too, but not really. She's never wanted to go camping..EVER...since Zeke had ruined her love life like 2 years ago.
*NEW*Camp information:
Name: Camp LaLa
Age: 5 Years since built
Built date: 2006
Where: California, near the nature
Population right now: 300 kids, 40 adults
Owner: John Peterson (also the principle kind of guy)
Counselors: Linda, Filiana, Luke, Mark -more to come soon-

Age: 14
Brother/Sister: Twin brother Zeke
BFF: Sophia
Hates: Camping...ugh
Loves: Shopping..Yay!
Age: 14
Brother/Sister: Twin sister Mikayla
Friend (since boys don't say BFF): Zac
Hates: Shopping
Loves: Camping
Age: 14
Brother/Sister: Little sister, Lilly
BFF: Mikayla
Hates: Playing PS3 (Play Station 3)
Loves: Singing <3
Age: 14
Brother/Sister: Single child
BFF: Sara & Sierra
Hates: Running
Loves: Swimming
Age: 14
Brother/Sister: 15 year old brother
BFF: Rosy & Tracy
Hates: NONE
LOVES: Everything
Age: 14
Brother/Sister: 10 year old sister & brother
BFF: Mikayla, Traci
Loves: Singing
Hates: Reading

Sorry for some mistakes in story sometimes!! Silly me!
FIrst Chapter BELOW...
Mom clears her throat. "You're going to Camp Lala for the winter. Winter break. December 9th through December 23rd. For fun, they changed the camp's name to Camp 'Fa' La La." Right during dinner.
What? I groan. "But, MOM!"
"Mikayla, you can't always just, never go to a camp!" Mom replies to me.
"Uh... Okay, fine, as long as ZEKE isn't going!" I glare at him. Last time I went to a camp in Florida, it was so hot, and Zeke ruined my love life.
"He IS," Dad joins in the conversation."Your twin brother deserves to go camping. He couldn't go this summer because of our trip to New York City."
Could this day get any worse? I glare at Zeke, again, stuff my mouth with mashed potatoes, then run up to my room.
Zeke isn't gooing, Zeke isn't going, Zeke IS NOT GOING! I keep repeating to myself. What camp opens during winter? When it's COLD? This camp did! I swallow the last bit of mashed potatoes as I enter my room.
"UGH!" I jump into bed and kick my feet. "Life is so confusing!"
Somebody knocks on the door. "Hey, Boo, open up!" Zeke.
"My name totally isn't Boo, anymore!" I throw a fluffy pillow at Zeke as he comes in. Boo was my nickname when I was 10.
"Beep! BEEP! Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!" My robot-doll yells. Zeke screams, then runs off.
How can a 14-year old be afraid of robots? Zeke was, ever since I got Bob. Bob is the robot's name.
My IPhone rings with a new text.
Hi, Mikayla! You going to sum camp named Camp Lala? I am. DURING WINTER!!!! So uncool! I'll freeze to death...
I smile at Sophia's text. We've been friends for 5 years straight. My blue IPhone shines, causing my eye to hurt.
"ZEKE!!!" I yell, and run out to torture him.

Chapter 2
I start organizing my suitcase again. Lotion, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, 5 pairs of pajamas, 10 pairs of clothes, 15 pairs of other things, a fluffy pillow, and a "Don't Lose Your Heart By Not Believing In Yourself" sticker.
Today's the day. When I was going to a camp. In California. Just 200 miles away. Couple hour drive.
Zeke bounces in my room. "Mikayla! I need to borrow your lotion! Like, give e a bottle to use at the camp," Zeke has a puppy face. "Please?"
I frown. "Why?"
"I want girls to actually 'notice' me." At the word notice, he imitates a girl falling in love with him- just by his body lotion!
"Uh..I don't think so. I only have California's popular lotions, and girls will be like-'OMG! ZEKE...SMELLS LIIKE A GIRL!'" I look at him.
"I doubt it." Zeke grins.
"You give me $50 right now and I'll give it to you."
"Hey...didn't you get the body lotion for $10 that day?" Zeke protests.
"Supposed to be $50," I pause and whisper to him. "Pretend there wasn't any sale."
Zeke walks to his room, then comes back holding $50. He hands it to me. "Okay. So the lotion?" I roll my eyes, coughing at the smell of money.
I hand him the bottle of lotion. "There. It's candy cane perfume." I say, as I am handing him one of my perfumes. I smirk. Somebody was going to get poned for wearing perfume!
Zeke nods his 'thank you', and skips to his room. 'Whatever,'I think.
"Mikayla! Zeke! 5 minutes and get in the car!" Mom yells. Oh no.
I slide the $50 into my 'FA$HIONI$TA' wallet and run downstairs, careful with my suitcase. Zeke bumps into me, almost making me let go of the suitcase.
"ZEKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell. I hated him SOO much!!!

CHAPTER 3 part 1
I cough at the strong perfume smell as I open my cabin door. It smelled so familiar...Zeke! I open my eyes wide as Zeke is surrounded by girls complimenting him about his perfume.
I shut the cabin door and choose a bed labeled: "OPEN". So it basically meant untaken. Zeke waves at me.
"Hey, Mikayla!" He winks.
"Hi, Zeke."
"Oh! That's your name! You two look oddly like twins!" One girl says. The girl next to her rolls her eyes.
"Sierra, I think they ARE twins!" She laughs.
"Whatever, it doesn't matter, because now I know they are, Sara!" Sierra exclaims. "Gosh!"
"Don't need to be like that. Anyways. Welcome, Mikayla!" Somebody else says. "My name is Rosalina. Call me Rosy for short."
I smile and thank her. "Thanks, guys. Cabin 3L will be awesome!"
"Be quiet!" Rosy nudges Sierra, who was talking to Sara.
"Yup! C3L is always awesome!" Sierra laughs, ignoring Rosy.
"Well, I better go to Cabin 3M. See ya!" Zeke waves, his scent of perfume traveling with him.
"Your brother is so handsome!" Rosy gushes.
UGH!! NO! HE IS NOT! "Uh..thanks!" I manage to reply. What about me? I'm not beautiful???????? I get compliments at school! Not here???
"Of course, you are beautiful!" Another girl says.
"Really?" I smile. FINALLY!
"YUP! I'm Traci. Nice to meet you!" Traci welcomes me.
"Thanks.. Hey, do any of you guys know a girl named Sophia?" I ask, hoping they say yes.
"Uh..she's not in here, but she's in Cabin3F." Sierra says.
"Oh, also, the letters next to the Cabin name is the counselor's first letter of their name." Traci butts in. I sigh. Sophia, Sophia, where are you when I need you?
"Sorry," Sierra says. "But you're not the only one! My friend Jenna is in Cabin 3F, also."
I cough again. Gosh, did Zeke spray some perfume in here? "No, it's alright. Can somebody telll me the schedule?" I ask, looking around for a counselor.
"Oh, we didn't get them yet. Linda will pass them out when she comes back. She went to go get the schedules right now, in fact!" Rosy says.
Oh. Who was Linda? "Who's Linda?" I ask.
"Our counselor." Sara says. Sierra walks outside.
"I'll be in the bathroom. Be right back!" Sierra waves and closes the cabin door.
"Linda. Okay. Got it. So we have a normal bathroom, not an outhouse, right?" I ask, hopefully they did. I hated the camp in Florida. It had outhouses, and not regular bathroom you use at home.
"It's an outhouse, but only the office has a regular bathroom. They have comfy beds, everything! How come we don't?" Traci huffs.
"Because office people probably are sort-of you know, workers. So yeah.." I say. Darn it! I didn't even want to go in an outhouse!
"It's winter. I don't want to go to the outhouse at night! What if it's so cold? Or even snowing?" Sara shivers.
"I can't imagine.." Rosy mutters.
Sierra bursts into the room, or you could say cabin, followed by a girl who looked like she was 23. So I guess you could say she was a lady.
"HI, guys! I'm Linda! Of course you know me. You must be Mikayla. You willl love Camp Fa La La!" Linda shakes my hand, her other hand full of papers.
"HI!" I grin. Linda hands all of us a paper. I start reading my schedule.

Chapter 3 part 2
The last chapter...
Mikayla got her new schedule and will read it right now.
Time Class #
8:00 Breakfast/Break 1
9:00 Swimming 2
10:00 News/Photography 3
11:00 Designer 4
12:00 Lunch/Break 5
2:00 Free Time 6
5:00 Snack 7
8:00 Dinner/Dessert 8
9:00 Free time/ Snack 9
11:00 Good night! =) 10
I **** in my cheeks. Such a busy day! Linda smiles at all of us.
"Any questions?" Linda asks. I clear my throat. Wait, were we supposed to raise our hand? This wasn't school, though.
"What is designer?" I ask.
"It's where you can make plans for parties and decide when they will be hosted at," Linda says. She scrunches up her nose. "Why does it smell like candy cane?"
"My twin brother, Zeke..." I giggle.
"Ah..." Then she frowns. "Why was he in here?"
"He wanted to visit and know his sister's friends!" Sara giggles and Sierra tickles her.
"Oh! Well you guys may take about your schedules!" Linda waves and walks out of the cabin. Just like that, she's gone.
Rosy is the first to drag me to her bed, which is in the top one. "So, what's your schedule?"
I stare at her bed. It was full of Justin Bieber. She had stuck some Justin Bieber posters on the wall. Hm... Oh! I realize that Rosy was waiting for my answer. I give her mine, and we trade papers.
Time Class #
8:00 Breakfast/break 1
9:00 Swimming 2
10:00 Nature Class 3
11:00 Designer 4
12:00 Lunch/Break 5
2:00 Free time 6
5:00 Snack 7
8:00 Dinner/Dessert 8
9:00 Freetime/Snack 9
11:00 Good night! =) 10
I cheer. We had every class except for Newspaper/Photography together. I notice Justin Bieber again, slightly annoyed. Justin Bieber was everywhere, and I didn't really like him. I mean, I wasn't a fan of him.
Rosy notices, too. "Oh. Heh. Sorry if all the JB thing is disturbing you.." She apologizes. "I have the Bieber Fever." She chuckles.
"Do you like Selena Gomez?" I ask. Of course she didn't! I blame myself for asking that question.
Rosy's expression changes to a normal expression. "Um...truthfully? I used to love Selena Gomez, but now I don't. I don't think I need to explain why..."
I smile. "Of course. You don't have to. Come on. Let's compare our schedules with other girls." We both climb down the stairs.
It turns out I have the same exact schedule with Zeke, Sophia, and C3L.(Cabin 3 L for swimming) ZEKE!!!!!! Why him??? He will ruin this camp vacation!
Sophia notices my face expression. "What's wrong?" Dinner not really our mood?" She starts drinking her apple juice.
I shake my head. "I'm okay. Just worried about Zeke being in all of my classes."
"You have me, Mikayla! Don't worry!" Sophia pats my back. "Don't think back at the camp in Florida. It's the past."
I try not to cry as I think of the past. Oh, it was so horrible and embarassing! I nod, chewing on a tator tot. As I finish my dinner, a boy sits next to me.
"HI!" He grins.
"HI," I reply back. "Enjoy your lunch-er- dinner?"
He nods. He flips his hair back. UGH! What was with boys and their hair these days??
Sophia stares at him and me. Oh no. She looks back at me. Her eyes seemed to be saying "He's the one!" I look at her back as if saying, "No. I'm done with boys!"
"Well, nice meeting you girls! By the way, I'm Ben." He stands up.
"Bye! I'm Mikayla." It was unusual, introducing ourselfs at the end.
"I'm Sophia. See ya!" We wave, and I throw the paper plate into the trash can.
"Dessert time!" I grin, and we oth run to get yummy hot chocolate. It was really cold out, anyways."
I take a sip, and a familiar warmth goes through my body. Memories rush by. I shake that feeling away, I wasn't going to think of the past. NO. I wasn't.
Sophia's eyes get teary. She blinks rapidly.
"What's wrong?" I ask. She never got teary!
"This hot chocolate is so delicious!" She sniffs. I roll my eyes and laugh. Sophia was so silly! Silly duck!
"Well, anyways, what are you going to do during free time?" I ask. Sophia shrugs. "I'm going to play and sing songs around the campfire."
"I guess I will, too. I'm so nervous about tomorrow. First day of swimming and electives!" Sophia closes her eyes, rubbing her sweating hands around the hot chocolate cup. "So warm!"
"Don't worry. You'll be fine!" The only elective a cabin has together is swimming. I mean, why swimming? Worst part? My swimming cabin would be versing Zeke's cabin. It just had to get worse! our cabin members wouldn't focus-because of Zeke.
I haven't seen any mean people yet. Thankfully! If I did, I would never want to go there, Camp Lala!
Sophia sighs as she finishes drinking her hot chocolate. Awesome! We could finally warm up outside, next to the campfire! "Let's go!" I finish my last sip of hot chocolate.
Sophia hands the hot chocolate cups to our server, and we both run out.

Chapter 4
"What song are we going to sing, exactly?" Sophia shrugs. Seriously? "Linda, what song are we gonna sing around the campfire?"
Linda smiles. "The Chipmunk Song. It was in the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks."
"One or two?" Sophia asks.
"One," Linda answers. "Even better, we're singing the chipmunk voice version!"
"Well, of course!" I giggle. Oh, boy! It was going to be very noisy! "Let's go, then!" Sophia and I sit down on a seat, around the glowing fire. Crackle crackle! Ash blows into my face. I cough. Even worse, my eyes hurted from the heat! It just had to get worse. Well that was life, wasn't it?
"Alright! Hello, campers! I am Mr. Peterson, and I am this camp's owner. Call me Mr. P! Or Principle P., whatever you would like," Mr. P. grins. "We will start singing a Christmas song. Turn on the music!" He claps to a DJ lookins dude. Wow!
"Wait, what song?" A camper shouts.
"Yeah, what song?" Another echoes.
"You will find out!" Mr. P. grins.
"The Chipmunk Song." I whisper to them.
Sophia nudges me, shaking her head. "It's supposed to be a surprise!"
I roll my eyes. "Well, it wasn't a surprise for US!"
Sophia laughs. "That's because you asked me, then Linda!"
"Christmas, Christmas time is near!
Time for toys and time for cheer
We've been good, but we can't last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast!"
"Want a plane that loops the loop
Me, I want a hula hoop!
We can hardly stand the wait.
Please, Christmas
Don't be late!"
Sophia and me? We both keep singing in high-pitched voices, laughing along with the other campmates.

I sigh, pulling my fluffy blanket I brought from home over my shivering body. "Good night!" We cheerfully say in chorus, as Linda says good night. Tomorrow was going to be scary! First day of swimming. What if I wasn't good enough? I keep repeating as I drift of to sleep. Good night, Camp Lala!

Chapter 5
I shriek as somebody is shaking me, telling me to wake up. "Mikayla, your just going to skip breakfast and start the day tired and hungry?" The person shaking me exclaims. Rosy.
I sit up, causing Rosy to fall on the ground. Luckily, my bed had a fluffy, pink mat next to it on the ground, so her landing is soft. "Ouch," Rosy says, softly, patting her hips.
I come down to the ground, kneeling beside her. "Rosy! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" Linda runs over to us.
"What time is it?" I ask.
"8:00..." Rosy murmers.
"Aw! I wanted to heal her!" Sara rushes over and pouts.
"Rosy, are you okay??" Linda asks.
Rosy nods. "Yes, but I'm so hungry and this mat is so comfortable that..."
We nod, waiting for her next word.
"I don't want to get up." Rosy finishes, clearing her throat.
We all laugh, then dress into our clothes behind our curtains. Each bed had its own curtain, hiding the bed. Mine was a light pink color, and lots of shimmery stuff was on it. The best part was that it was soft. I dress into a cute silky blue miniskirt with black leggings underneat, and a lavender tank top with blue ruffles on it.
I walk out of the bed, looking under the bed to find my shoe suitcase Mom had given me right when I was walking out.
I zip it up after I find a black converse. I put them on while sitting on the mat Rosy was no longer on. I look at Rosy, who was wearing a swimming suit.
"Rosy, we can come back to wear our swimming suits..." I say, watching her struggle while putting a shirt on.
"I just want to get there fast as a lighting bolt!" She breathes heavily, groaning.
I shrug, and start brushing my hair. I put it up into a bun, with a string of hair falling.
"Are you going to put make-up on?" Traci asks Sara.
Sara nods. "Lip gloss!"
"Whatever..." Traci giggles.
I put dolphin earrings on. I got them this summer when I went to SeaWorld for like, my 10th time. Then, smiling, I walk out. Also, if you think that I didn't brush my teeth, I did. We had a sink and a showerstall, just no toilet.

Sophia smacks her lips, as honey is dripping from them. For the final move, she licks all of them off, and takes another bite out of her biscuit. I was already done eating, just waiting for her.
Zeke comes over, grinning like he won the lottery.
Oh boy. What was it THIS time??

Chapter 6 coming soon! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 6:38 pm

Wow, good job! I can tell you put a lot of effort into it.
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 6:41 pm

Yara<3 wrote:
Wow, good job! I can tell you put a lot of effort into it.
Aw...thank you so much <3
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 7:39 pm

Your story is amazing! Good job(:
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 12:38 am

Aw thank you! <3 I am working on a story that is way different than this, but at the same time fun and appropriate! Well I think I'm going to wok on it right now actually!
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 11:48 am

I'll just be waiting here for a new chapter, since this is like, the best story ever!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 12:54 pm

Post some more![:
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 2:57 pm

Aw thank your I will. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Camp 'Fa' Lala   Camp 'Fa' Lala I_icon_minitime

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Camp 'Fa' Lala
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